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  • RT - 583Ref No
  • 2502m2
  • 4+1Room

Ordu is one of the most beautiful cities in Black Sea Region of Turkey. With its amazing nature and beautiful view of Black sea, it is the coolest and the most elegant place for a holiday. It is 170 kilometers west of Trabzon.

This apartments for sale is located in an exterior complex in Ordu. Its size is 250 meters squared and it has four bedrooms. It is a modernly and elegantly decorated villa with a minimalistic design. It has all the basic needs installed such as wifi, cable TV and satellite connections, generator, elevator, floor heating and air conditioning, including white goods. The complex has many well-maintained communal facilities. It has a beautiful garden matching with the natural beauty of Black Sea region. It has an open car park and a play park for families with kids. It has a fitness center for wellness. The security is enabled 24/7 with cameras. It also offers VIP services. It has the beautiful view of nature of Ordu, amazing view of Black Sea and the city view.

The complex has a very convenient location. It is close to mosque, pharmacy, shopping mall, bus stop from where you can easily reach all excursion activities and entertainment facilities at the center. The apartment is available for a loan also it comes with a rent guarantee. This spacious and elegantly decorated penthouse offers you everything for your second home.  

Realtor In Turkey +90(242)5287071